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Exciting Marc Márquez Motogp Racer History

The real name for Márquez is Marc Márquez Alentá. This name are the Spanish modified name, that's made with Márquez as a initial or just paternal family name, and Alentá are the 2nd or mother's name. Márquez was birthed on 17th February 1993 (today in 2015 he is in 22 years old) on Cervera, Lleida, Spain. His nationality are Spanish. He is 1 the present MotoGP world champ and a Spanish Grand Prix biker road racer. Moreover, after Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, and Valentino Rossi, he's one of those 4 motorbike racers who won a titles for World Championship on 3 various types.

Márquez gained a lot of Titles since he began his career on motorcycle competition, those is on a '10 125cc World Grand Prix, on the 2012 Moto2 World Championship, in the 2013 and 2014 MotoGP World Championships. As Kenny Roberts at 1978, Marc Márquez became a first rider to accomplish a title of premiere class in his initial season, also it came with the most youthful to win total a trophy. He do guard the trophy for his, he won the 2014 World Grand prix in three rounds to spend. He is the older brother on the popular Álex Márquez, the 2014 Moto3 word champion.

He won many motogp racing honours on his living. He reached the first trophy in fastest speed ever recorded in MotoGP for about 350.5 km/h (217.8 mph). He's the “Most pole position” in Moto2 Class: 14. He gained the “Most victories” in Moto2 Category: 16, in a single season at Moto2 Category: Nine, as a teenager in every classes: 26. The any other awards are the “Youngest winner in the top Class”, it is for around Twenty years and 62 days, and the “Most youthful biker to take a successive podium positions plus fastest lap on the top category”. Moreover, Marc Márquez is the first plus the only one novice who received in Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
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Nice Marc Márquez Motogp Racer History

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